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I am finally getting some posting done. Blogging is really easy for me to put off, but with a week off from school it is impossible to procrastinate any longer. Unfortunately, comments are not working right now. If you would like to comment, you can head over to our Facebook page and drop your comments there.

Lyle and Shirley

Abe and Beulah

Update: Comments aren’t working presently. If you would be so kind as to go to my Facebook page and comment there, that would be great.

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I really enjoyed shooting Abe and Beulah’s wedding. Beulah picked a wonderful location, a old Georgia plantation that was converted into a charming bed and breakfast. It was fantabulous. Brides-to-be, be kind to yourselves and your photographers and choose a nice location for the wedding photography. A good photographer can do a lot, but a lackluster location will give even the best shooter trouble in producing the exceptional images you hope for.

The weather was a bit unexpected. Snow accumulated in the area for the first time in about seven years. That weekend seven years ago was when Beulah’s older sister was married. If you ever want to see snow in Georgia, Beulah has three younger sisters; visit the state on the weekend of their weddings.

We shot in snow during the morning. It was frigid, about 25-30. Everyone was really brave and you can hardly tell that it’s so cold. It warmed up and the snow melted during the ceremony and reception. So we shot at the same location sans snow and in much nicer temperatures.

Heidi shot alongside, and did much of the posing.

The handsome groom

The shots insides were taken with off-camera flash. The one immediately below was lit with two lights, one bounced into the ceiling, over my left shoulder and the other was bounced off the wall/ceiling to Abe’s left. All the others were lit with a single light, bouncing off the ceiling over my left shoulder. I have umbrellas but I’ve really liked bouncing off a ceiling, about 45 degrees off the axis of the camera. It easier to set up, tends to be softer, and doesn’t contaminate the background nearly as much as umbrellas tend to. Off-camera light can definitely overdone, but if you’re a wedding shooter and haven’t learned to use it yet, you need to.

This is the very spot of their engagement

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